Watch our novice English speaker "Tristan", being taught by our native German teachers "Rita" and "Vanessa".

We have fun, modern games that will keep you motivated and learn!

You will need to pass the end of module test. This is to protect you from going ahead too fast and loosing your way.

Practice, practice, practice... But with EziGerman, it is not boring!
Our unique teaching method lets you participate by listening to our native German speakers Rita and Vanessa teaching Tristan, our novice English speaker. As you listen to Tristan's mistakes and Rita's corrections, you will begin to pickup the language and learn subconsciously.You will find yourself answering Rita's questions before Tristan does!
We have a wide range of fun games in each module. The games are modern and are tailored to match the particular lesson.
The games get progressively more difficult, pushing you to improve your performance. Forget Candy Crush and start learning while playing!
In order to really know if you have understood the lesson material, you need to test yourself.
We have fun tests and quizzes that help you not only memorise the material, but also let you know when you can move onto the next lesson.
There is nothing worse than moving onto new material before you have understood the previous material.
We have memorisation techniques that help you remember vocabulary with ease, however, we believe it necessary to go over a lesson a second time, in order to get a good grasp of the content.

We have a range of achievements and quests that you can do to earn badges

Gain points and achieve new ranks, no longer be a "Beginner"

Measure your own progress against other EziGerman course members

Games! Now this is the best way to motivate young and old :-)

Do you offer monthly access?
No we don't, we understand that many people enjoy going back to the course often, in fact we recommend it, therefore, we offer an unrestricted onetime fee. This is not a simple ebook or a CD, this is a full multimedia online course that is regularly updated. You will have unrestricted access. We love the German language, in fact, EziGerman has already been online for 7 years and we are planning to be around for a long time :)

What German level is the course intended for?
Absolute beginner to intermediate level German. If you can already speak conversational German, then this course is not for you. We have an Intermediate course on the way.

Do I need an internet connection to participate?
Yes, this is an entirely online training course. You will need to have access to a computer and an internet connection.

How long does it take to complete the course?
We suggest that an absolute beginner spend at least 15 minutes concentrated training in the morning and 15 minutes reviewing in the evening. With our specialized teaching method, you will make leaps and bounds in your German language.

How do I contact the Support team?
We have a dedicated support portal. It is available 24/7. Your ticket will be answered within 24 hours. You can access it HERE.

I have further questions, who can I ask?
Great! We are here to help. Just open a ticket with our support desk. Click HERE to access it.
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